Now, this may not seem like that big of a deal, but the newest update to the Ouya's firmware fixes a few bugs in its billing system. You can now swap out your credit card information.

The comically small open-source console, now released to Kickstarter backers, had a bit of a bug in its firmware when it came to billing you for games. Once you put in your credit card information, it was locked and could not be changed. This could come as a huge problem for people who want to ditch their card for a newer one with better rewards. Plus, it may have caused problems if you changed any of the billing information for that card with your credit company. Thankfully after the firmware update, you can now change your credit card information willy-nilly. At least for now, your credit will be safe since there aren't too many titles crowding the Ouya's store. But soon enough you'll be glad you can delete the information.