On Tuesday, Ouya revealed which retail stores would carry the console and controllers when it arrives in June.

If you missed out on backing the Ouya, or were waiting to see just how many developers would actually create games for the Android console, select retailers are now taking pre-orders. The Ouya will retail for $99.99 (the same price Kickstarter backers paid) at Target, Best Buy, Amazon, and Gamestop. Additional controllers will run you $49.99. Both are available for pre-order at the respective stores, with the actual consoles expected to arrive some time in June. You can also still order from Ouya directly if you want.

The good news is people who backed Ouya on Kickstarter will still be getting their consoles ahead of the planned retail release. Not only that, but the early investors got a pretty good deal on second controllers, which only cost an additional $30 during the Kickstarter phase. There still isn't a concrete release date in sight for backers to get their consoles, but at least we know we'll definitely be getting them before June.