Developers who upload their games to Ouya starting today will have their product available on the console when units begin shipping on March 28th. Developer relations head Kellee Santiago also noted on her blog post that developers may be featured on their very own documentary!

Under this "special promotion" for developers who publish their game before Ouya's launch, the top three games will be spotlighted in short documentaries that will detail the developers' distinct stories. "We want to share your process, ups and downs, everything that goes into making the things that you love," posted Santiago. "And that game we love to play."

The top three games will be determined by the total gamer time spent playing these titles during the first six weeks of OUYA's release. Once the developer's games go live, Ouya is allowing developers to update their game as often as possible, free of charge.

Ouya loyalists who backed its Kickstarter campaign get first crack at the console later this month with its launch, but other gamers will have to hold on to their $99 until June, when Ouya expands its release.