The Kickstarted Ouya console is nearing its street date and they already have the power of 10,000 individual developers worldwide. But if we've learned anything from the iOS App store, quantity doesn't always mean quality.

In a recent statement by Kellee Santiago, head of developer relations for Ouya, the developer count was revealed to be over 10,000. She also said that, "It's been great to hear and that the number continues to grow at such a rapid pace is very validating."

That number is huge, but it doesn't quite mean that the store is flooded with polished offerings. As it is with any app store, there are tons of offerings, but you have to sift through the sea mediocre to find the really great games. A lot of what the Ouya is offering now are rough cuts of games that don't quite have the fit and finish of some of the best games on other platforms. But, with all that muscle, that is bound to change and as the Ouya matures, we might be seeing some really great little games come out of this minuscule console.