While many Kickstarter backers are still awaiting their early Ouya consoles, the Android system was still on track for an early June release at retail. On Wedensday, Ouya pushed the retail launch of the console to June 25th.

Citing an increased demand at retail, CEO Julie Uhrman told Joystiq the company decided to hold off until it could better meet the needs of brick-and-mortar stores. "We've had incredibly positive reactions from our retail partners," Uhrman said in a statement. "And so in order to meet their greater than expected demand, we decided to shift the launch date by a couple of weeks – three weeks – which will allow us to create more units and, basically, have more units on store shelves in June."

Additionally, an interesting hiccup was discovered with the Ouya controller, which Urhman also stated the company has already addressed. In some instances, the buttons would get stuck under the faceplate of the controller. All further controllers being manufactured will include larger button holes to alleviate the problem. Kickstarter backers and in-store versions of the console that haven't yet arrived will get the new controllers. As to anyone who already received an Ouya and a defective controller, a representative told the site issues could be addressed through customer service.

Have you gotten your Ouya yet? Do you plan to get one when they arrive at retail?