Early reviews for the Android powered Ouya console have been mixed, with Endgadget claiming last week that it's really, "not ready for retail." A recent blog post from Ouya CEO Julie Uhrman reassures supporters that there are still improvements to be made.

One of the considered changes Uhrman announced was the inclusion of extra magnets to the controllers to keep the faceplates more secure during shipments. The development team is also working on external storage for the games, a more streamlined game installation process, controller support for video players, extra payment options, and more metrics for developers.

Uhrman is also encouraging feedback from its initial supporters. "The software, store, games will continue to evolve and grow, and as early backers who have exclusive access during this period before launch, we want you to be a part of that process," said Uhrman.

Ouya's official console launch is set for June 4th, and it's priced at a reasonable $99. Hopefully these changes will be implemented once it hits a wider market.