If you've been looking forward to playing Ori and the Blind Forest after stuffing yourself with turkey, you're going to have to wait just a little bit longer.

Although the game Ori and the Blind Forest had an original release time of fall 2014, CVG reports that the company has confirmed that it's pushing the release to early 2015. "While we're extremely excited for all of you to get your hands on Ori and the Blind Forest as soon as possible, we made the decision together with our partners at Microsoft Studios that we need just a little more time in order to add a final layer of polish to--what we hope--will be an unforgettable gaming experience," the developer said in a statement. Quite the quote from the studio of the game that was first revealed at E3 in June.

The game drew critical praise and released a trailer for GamesCom in August. Now all the excited players will just have to stay patient while the studio continues to work hard on the game.

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