If ten minutes is all it takes for you to decide on playing a game or not, then let us present the ten minute prologue video for Ori and the Blind Forest, the Xbox One exclusive platformer. It's all you need. Bring tissues.

This ten minute video shows the relationship between Ori and and the pale-faced bear-like creature that adopted him, sheltered him, and ultimately left him alone after passing away. The ten minutes spent watching this will be a whirlwind of emotion, from the cheerful beginnings of bear-creature and Ori happily living together to the agony of watching Ori discover his friend's death. In only ten minutes Ori and the Blind Forest will simultaneously improve and ruin your day.

We can think of no better way to show off Ori and the Blind Forest than to keep giving us gameplay videos like this. The in-game visuals are indescribably beautiful, the story is powerful and poignant despite being told by mostly actions and a few words on the screen, and Ori is just so stinkin' cute it's gross. Can you tell we're looking forward to this?

Ori and the Blind Forest will launch on Xbox One and PC this fall, with an Xbox 360 version following in 2015.

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