What's better than slaying hordes of orcs on your PC? Slaying hordes of orcs on a tabletop. Just from the first day of its Kickstarter campaign Orcs Must Die has already become fully funded to become a board game.

Your favorite tower defense, orc-slaughtering game is crossing over to the real world, but with the help of some gracious backers. Orcs Must Die will be thrashing into your homes very soon. The Kickstarter for its board game wasn't even out a full 24 hours when Orcs Must Die fans not only reached its $40,000 goal, but surpassed it. Currently, it's standing at $57,000+, and if you think there's no more point in donating, then you'd be wrong. Petersen Games has already come out with an update assuring that your extra money won't go to waste and that the team will be quickly coming up with some stretch goals for your playing pleasure. We've even got a sneak peak of what you can expect below.

The first stretch goal for the Order Edition of the game, fans can unlock Hogarth, a frost-based character who will defend your towers all day long with his massive amounts of tank power. He gives your offensive forces the time they need to stand in the back-line and take down the enemies charging at them.

The second unlockable character will be for the Unchained version of the game and is the Kobold King. The Kobold King will always be in the action, trying to trick the enemies in order to win. He's not only fast and flexible, but also super sneaky.

You can check for updates on Orcs Must Die: The Board Game!'s Kickstarter, where you can continue to donate to help this awesome project. The actual board game will be launching sometime around Feb. 2016.

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