Rockstar has been slow to dole out new Grand Theft Auto 5 information, but hasn't been shy about sharing art assets.

On Monday night, a mural was spotted in New York that appeared to be the beginning of a giant recreation of the GTA 5 box art. Early Tuesday morning, Rockstar released the full official art on its Twitter.

The tiled cover follows in the suit of previous titles, and features some images cropped from larger pieces we've seen before. There are also a few new pieces of art, including what looks like a Bell 47 bubble helicopter and a dude on a jet ski.

Due out on September 17th, GTA 5 will radically change the way we play Grand Theft Auto games. Rockstar has gone to great lengths to try and keep the franchise fresh after all these years, and we can't wait to finally get a chance to play this latest entry.

Check out the full box art below, and let us know what you think of GTA 5 so far in the comments.