A new puzzle game called Nutjitsu, from NinjaBee Games, is set to train you in the ways of the shinobi on the Xbox One.

The game will be released on Thursday, May 8, and task players wth taking on the role of ninja squirrel named Risu. As Risu, you must wander around levels, collecting nuts and avoiding enemy ninjas. The aesthetics give you a sense of a cute, but deadly version of Pac-Man.

You'll have five different tools to help you escape your foes, such a smoke bomb that hides you trail, a flame shield that immolates them, a speed potion that boosts your movement, a shadow clone that acts as a decoy and an ice bomb that freezes enemies for a brief period. Use these in conjunction with your own skills at avoidance to successfully complete levels.

This will be the second title from the ID@Xbox program to be released and will be the first game on the Xbox One offered for less than $9.99, priced at $6.49 in the Xbox One store.