C3SK is bringing us a top-down survival horror shooter where its visuals are made from thermal imaging and its songs are from NIN guitarist Robin Finck.

Devolver Digital is bringing us yet another indie studio treat in the form of C3SK's Noct. This unique shooter features arcade combat gameplay mixed with some RPG survival aspects. As a survivor of an apocalyptic purge, you must try to live in the wasteland called the Noct. You can only view your character from a thermal image satellite system orbiting the planet. As a result, the camera is set in a top-down perspective and features 50 shades of grey (not the book). This monochromatic format of gameplay reminds us of the extra levels from Contra III: The Alien Wars. You can try to survive on your own or band together with the other survivors you'll encounter online. Just be wary, as the local irradiated wildlife has grown to the size of cars and buildings. Don't be surprised if you encounter a spider the side of a van or something much worse.

Nine Inch Nails guitarist Robin Finck and Worldclock have teamed up to score Noct's 12-song soundtrack. You can download a preview track from Noct's official website.

“I was invited into the world of Noct to compliment the established work of Wordclock, and to collaborate, bringing a spirited sense of melody and hope to an utterly devastated terrain, one enshrouded in despair and haunted by.... creepy f------ monsters,” said Finck. “It has been a hair raising experience, cooperating to design the immersion of this audio trek. The team are each scrupulous creatures and together we enjoy turning over many stones."

Noct is set to launch via Steam on Oct. 22.

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