The Nintendo Wii U has been met with mixed reviews since its launch, mainly due to its sluggish load times and overall user interface. In an interview with Time, Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto said that by this summer's system update, the Wii U is going to be "very much improved over how it's performing currently."

"What we want to do is make sure that when we release it, that we address as many of the different opinions about how people would like to see the system improve as we can at once," said Miyamoto. "We hope to cover a wide range of requests while simultaneously ensuring it's a very stable update to the system."

Miyamoto is also bullish on the long term prospects of the Nintendo Wii U, even though the console is just one of many devices gamers can use on a given day. The intricate connection between the Wii U and the GamePad helps it rise above the rest of the competition.

"Certainly from an interactive standpoint, when it comes to interactive content, because of the strength of that streaming capability of Wii U, my feeling is that the more you start to see other devices that are integrating connectivity with smartphones or tablets through special applications, the more that that's simply going to illustrate the benefits of having Wii U," added Miyamoto. "Becase of the advantages it has in terms of its interactive elements and how the system streams graphics to the Wii U GamePad screen."

Nintendo Wii U owners - are you disgruntled about your console?  Was it a waste of your money, or will this summer's big update dramatically improve the Wii U? Feel free to comment below!