The Nintendo Switch 2 could be released as early as March 2025.

The Japanese publication Nikkei reports that Nintendo has set the date to enable it to manufacture enough consoles to satisfy demand and allows developers to make titles for it.

If rumours are to be believed, the Nintendo Switch 2 will come with a bigger LCD display, a faster processor and more storage, but will allegedly cost $400 upon its release - $100 more than the previous OLED variant.

Nikkei also asked whether the developer planned on leaning into their intellectual properties to break further into the film industry, following the success of ‘The Super Mario Bros. Movie’ last year but a Nintendo spokesperson said that they had "no particular comment" in regards to that matter.

Games designer Shigeru Miyamoto, behind famous titles such as 'The Legend of Zelda', is interested in the prospect of bringing gaming properties to the big screen but is "still learning" about the process.

He said: "I’m about finding unique opportunities for Nintendo. The way things work here is that, more so than having a plan and following it, we come across certain things and from there, we try to find our own new path. The movies, the amusement parks, I’m excited to see what kind of organic things result from those.

"I’m still very new to [the movie] industry and I’m still learning, but I’m trying to read a lot of scripts these days and learn about how they are developed, to see how we can create uniquely Nintendo films."

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