The reveal for the Nintendo Switch 2 is reportedly planned for June 2024.

According to gaming journalist Pedro Henrique Lutti - who has successfully leaked a number of announcements in the past - the Japanese gaming developer will be unveiling the follow-up to their top-selling handheld platform in early summer.

He wrote on FamiBoards: "Here’s what I’ve heard post-Friday: Direct in April (general or mini, dunno), Indie World before that (probably March).

"June for Switch 2 reveal. Everything in flux always, but I’m feeling good, so eh."

It was claimed on Saturday (17.02.24) that the actual release of new console was now delayed until "March 2025 at the earliest" despite having been slated for a release in autumn of 2024 and now Bloomberg has reported a significant fall in the company's shares following the news.

Mio Kato of LightStream Research, said: "There seem to be a lot of new buyers of Nintendo who may be less familiar with the name and more impatient for the company to put up visible numbers. Nintendo’s numbers for the March 2025 fiscal year could start to look rather ugly if key software is delayed at the same time that the current hardware has aged so much."

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