Do you dare enter the ScareScraper in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon for the Nintendo 3DS?

Since it was announced last year, Nintendo fans have been eagerly awaiting the sequel to the Gamecube classic Luigi's Mansion. Now with just a few weeks to go until its release, Nintendo has fired up the hype train with closer looks at just what this 3DS follow-up brings to the table.

One of the biggest additions is the new multiplayer mode, the ScareScraper. With four modes to play (Hunter, Polterpup, Rush, and Surprise), three difficulty settings, and the ability to choose from 5, 10, 25, or Endless floors, there's plenty of replay value tucked in already. We've seen the multiplayer in action in quick snippets in the past, but this latest video is the longest look yet at what's in store when you and up to three friends get together for some ghost busting.

Check out the video below, and let us know if you'll be hunting down ghosts with your friends on March 24th.