Nintendo is trying to make up for the frustrations of the past and releasing another round of its harder-to-find amiibo figures.

The House of Mario is gearing up to relaunch Fox McCloud, Greninja, Shulk, Captain Falcon, Little Mac and Lucario's amiibo figures at select retailers. Of course, Nintendo's use of the words "select retailers" in their Twitter announcement left me thinking that the figures will retain their retailer exclusivity. Lucario and Greninja were exclusive to Toys 'R Us and Shulk was exclusive to GameStop.

Earlier this month, Nintendo released Zero Suit Samus, Ganondorf, Olimar, Bowser Jr., Dr. Mario and 30th Anniversary Mario in amiibo form (good luck trying to find Ganon). Just a few days ago, Nintendo released its retro 3-pack set, which included R.O.B. Duck Hunt and Mr. Game & Watch in a single set. I don't particularly collect amiibo figurines (I gave up after getting two, realizing they don't do anything really important for their games), but I'm planning to get this set just so I can burn the Duck Hunt figure as means of payback for that darn dog laughing at me countless times when I was a child.

Nintendo got a lot of heat over the past year due to how frustrating collecting the amiibo line has been. I do give them credit for trying to bring back the more sought-out figures. Don't forget that they have tried to restock some of the more impossible figures to find, including Meta Knight and Marth.

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