Nintendo wants to leave Link and Zelda's relationship up to interpretation.

The gaming giant won't be drawn into speculation about the nature of their bond in 'Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom', with producer Eiji Aonuma wanting to let fans decide whether or not they are dating.

In the game, some of Zelda's objects are found in Link's Hateno Village home, while there is only one bed in the house.

Speaking to IGN, Aonuma said: "I will leave it to everyone's imagination [whether Link and Zelda are in a relationship].

"I don't think that Zelda is a type of game where the development team says 'this is what Zelda is, this is what the story is, this is what the game is.' "

He insisted the team behind the game has revealed as much as they want to already, and anything else is down to the gamers themselves.

He explained: "Everything that the development team wants to convey has already been placed into the game.

"And the rest is up to the player's imagination, and their reflection on how they feel… what they've experienced in the game.”

The producer also weighed in on the idea of Zelda taking on an expanded role in the franchise, with fans keen to see her become a playable character.

He said: "Yeah, it is interesting when you think about the name of the series, the 'Legend of Zelda', but Link is always the main character...

"Zelda has always been involved, and they have a relationship and their own rules in each of the games, but it is true that I think there's always room for thinking about this type of thing and Zelda's role.

"And there may be some sort of possibility for something like that in the future."

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