Nintendo will not be going down without a fight, as new reports indicate the company is planning a major marketing bonanza for the Wii U, as well as a new 3D Mario game for release later this year.

According to sources speaking with CVG, Nintendo has been meeting with retailers to detail the company's plans for 2013. Though the Wii U has fallen short of Nintendo's sales expectations, it hasn't given up on the console just yet, with major releases planned throughout the rest of the year. However, retailers have been skeptical about the company's support in light of all the attention the 3DS is getting.

The sources claimed Nintendo was holding back on pushing the Wii U too aggressively until the spring update released, and now that it has, the company is prepping for a huge second-half. In addition to announced titles like Pikmin 3, Wind Waker, and Wonderful 101, the insiders also offered there would be a new  3D Mario game released before the end of the year, possibly as early as October. A Wii U Mario Kart and Smash Bros. will debut at E3 in some capacity, but it's too early to tell if those games will also release this year.

To kick off the bigger, bolder push for the Wii U, an extensive marketing campaign is also believed to be commencing during E3. Despite Nintendo not holding a formal press conference, the company will still have games to demo to the industry, and will apparently be aggressively maneuvering the Wii U in ad campaigns to get the system moving at retail again.

With E3 just a little over a month away, we won't have to wait long to see what Nintendo really has in store. A strong slate of releases will certainly help the Wii U, but the market will be doubly crowded if both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720 release this fall. Could it be too little too late for the Wii U? We'll just have to cross our fingers that it's not.