In another financial report from Nintendo, new CEO of Nintendo America Satoru Iwata discussed the company's plans for E3 2013 and beyond. Instead of facing off against Microsoft and Sony with bigger and badder press conferences, Nintendo will dial back the hype.

Nintendo will not hold a large-scale presentation at E3 2013, and will choose to present software and hardware to distributors in a private session, with Western media getting smaller separate hands-on sessions. Instead of addressing the global audience, Nintendo is honing its presentations to focus on specific markets, and plans to utilize Nintendo Direct events to relay news and updates.

It's a strange move for Nintendo to step back from what has become the go-to convention for video game news, but it's also one that makes some sense. Nintendo has had much more attention lavished on it during its low key Nintendo Direct streams, and with both Sony and Microsoft showcasing next generation consoles, there's a chance Nintendo's announcements could fall to the wayside. With this move, Nintendo will decide how the information is released, and thus could avoid being overshadowed by its more bombastic competitors.

Whether or not this strategy will work remains to be seen, but at least Nintendo is trying something different. What do you think of the move? Is it a huge mistake, or do you find smaller dispatches throughout the year to be more helpful?