While other companies keep their NFC focus strictly on plastic figurines, Nintendo is thinking that other forms of the technology will work as well.

Speaking with Eurogamer, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata reveals that NIntendo is developing more than just figurines for their amiibo line. Future plans include smaller items, including smaller figures, and even cards with the NFC technology inside.

Iwata said, "For example, when Amiibo become cards, we can create a game which can be played only by passing several cards over the NFC reader/writer, and the results will be stored in the Amiibo card. I cannot discuss any of the details today, but Amiibo has the potential to propose new ways to play card games."

Nintendo has tried the card thing before with the Game Boy Advance's short lived e-Reader, but we think that cards with NFC technology inside would make complete sense. Nintendo could sell them in packs themed after the games they'll be compatible for, like an Animal Crossing pack with furniture and villager cards (exactly like the old e-Reader), or a Zelda pack with items or tunics for the upcoming Zelda game. Thinking outside the figurine could be what puts amiibo over the top for Nintendo, but we won't know for sure until we hold the cards for ourselves.