The rumored Mario Kart 8 amiibo support has been confirmed by Nintendo, who revealed that certain amiibo toys will unlock costumes for Mii drivers in game.

A cached version of the official Mario Kart 8 website reveals that placing certain amiibo characters on the Wii U GamePad will unlock their corresponding costumes in Mario Kart specifically for Mii characters to wear while racing. According to the site, this feature will be part of an upcoming Mario Kart 8 update patch which will add this functionality while also making way for the first batch of downloadable content.

The list of compatible amiibo includes Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Peach, Donkey Kong, Link, Kirby, Samus, Captain Falcon, and Fox McCloud.

While we didn't expect anything mind-shattering from the amiibo in Mario Kart, we did think there'd be more than just costumes. Maybe whichever figure is on the NFC port could be your driver, or ghost data could be stored on amiibo and taken from console to console, but just costumes is sort of disappointing. We hope that other games with amiibo support don't limit it to just aesthetic upgrades, or else the entire purpose of the amiibo will be invalidated. We're supposed to want to use these figures every time, not consider them a secondary option.

The amiibo-enabling patch for Mario Kart 8 hits Nov. 13, while the first downloadable pack featuring Link will launch sometime this month as well.