A Nintendo insider has claimed a fan favourite game will be coming to the Nintendo Switch 2.

At The Game Awards last week the next instalment of the 'Mana' series, 'Visions of Mana' was announced, and is slated to launch next year on PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox Series X|S. However, the Nintendo Switch was absent from the list, which leaker Zippo claims is because the title will instead arrive on the eagerly-anticipated Nintendo Switch 2.

Taking to his blog 'Zippo's Nonsensical Ramblings And Other Stuff', the gaming insider told fans that the next 'Mana' title, which is developed by Square Enix, would be coming to the rumoured next generation Nintendo console.

They wrote: "At the TGAS [The Game Awards], this was one of the most pleasant surprises from the show. I'm an old school' Mana' fan, and I'm freaking psyched. This game looks absolutely gorgeous, the art style is lovely, and it feels like we're finally starting to see actual next generation games coming, after three years.

"Speaking of which, I'm now hearing that this new instalment of the Mana series will be coming to Nintendo's new console, alongside the other announced platforms.

"This will be one of Square Enix's first games released for the new system, so that's pretty damn exciting. And that's just the top of the iceberg. Square is planning an extensive support for their next system, with franchises, and small. I'm very excited to see more. More soon."

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