Nintendo hacker Gary Bowser has denied having any involvement with The Mig-Switch.

The first Switch flash cart is a third-party back-up and development device for the Nintendo Switch, not endorsed nor licensed by Nintendo, and Bowser - who was released from prison after he was sentenced in 2021 to 40 months and a $14.5 million fine for his role in Nintendo hacking group Team Xecuter - has shot down rumours he's behind the Flashcart for the hybrid console.

He simply responded on X (formerly Twitter) when asked by one user if he was "back in this stuff": "I am not involved with this stuff."

Over on Discord, he is reported to have said: “I was the subject of DNS poisoning attack on my nameservers, I repaired the damage and changed all my passwords, but sadly people will talk, not what I needed just before Christmas.

“And also just a day after someone was threatening me via Skype, demanding I send them $1,000 per month for next 40 months, or they would leak a bunch of shit. I am not going to engage the trolls or comment on it.”

As per the Mig-Switch website, the makers do not condone the use of "ROMs (Read-Only Memory) of games that you do not own".

A disclaimer read: “Mig-Switch does not approve the use of its device with ROMs of games that you do not own, downloaded from the internet or owned by a friend or any outside source. Beside the fact that it is illegal, it will void our warranty and support."

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