Nintendo confirmed that the rumored game Mario Maker will be coming to the Wii U in 2015 with an announcement trailer.

The trailer shows off the game’s level creation abilities, with a player modifying levels from the original Super Mario Bros. using a touch-screen interface that allows easy modifications on the fly.

In addition to retro levels, more modern 2.5D levels are also available. Players will be able to modify every aspect of a level, including enemy types and locations, power-ups, level geometry, and even the characters themselves. For example, in the trailer, a player creates a skinny mushroom which causes Mario to grow tall, but not wide.

Mario Maker is a long overdue idea that promises to bring entirely new Mario platforming experiences to the Wii U. No details were announced regarding co-op play or how created levels will be shared, but we'll be sure to update with any new info on the game as it becomes available.