To help generate interest in the NightCry Kickstarter, the developers have released a new gameplay trailer for the horror title.

In NightCry, you'll constantly be running from, hiding from and outwitting an immortal otherworldly being with a pair of giant scissors just waiting to cut you in half. If you try to fight him, you will merely die. The decisions you make along the way will impact the game as well, adding a bit of a twist to the familiar formula.

With just over two weeks left in the crowdfunding campaign, and quite a bit of money left to raise, Hifumi Kono, known for creating the Clock Tower game series, and Takashi Shimizu, director of 'The Grudge' need some serious help to fund NightCry through Kickstarter. So far, the team has raised $56,115 towards Project Scissors: NightCry's goal, but there's still more than $240,00 left to go. The mobile version of the game has already secured funding, but the team is hoping to bring the title to PC as well.

To learn more about the game or if it has piqued your interest enough to donate, you can check out NightCry's Kickstarter page.

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