The brains behind the Clock Tower and 'The Grudge' series need your help to bring their survival horror project to life.

Nude Maker has launched a Kickstarter campaign for NightCry, the collaborative horror project coming from Hifumi Kono and Takashi Shimizu. Kono is known for his work on the Clock Tower horror series as Shimizu is remembered for directing the 'Ju-On' horror series and its American remake, 'The Grudge'. This duo might know how to tell a tale of modern Japanese horror, but Kono's studio, Nude Maker, wants to elevate NightCry, the spiritual successor to Clock Tower, from its developmental, free-to-play mobile format to a quality PC title. Of course, going from the Android and iOS mobile format to PC takes a lot of revamping and polish to make it look acceptable, which is one of the primary reasons why NightCry's Kickstarter was launched.

Nude Maker posted a short horror film made by Takashi Shimizu (provided below) to hype up NightCry. Horror fans might be a little let down (mind you it's to tease a mobile game), considering Shimizu's previous work, but it was interesting to see the Scissor Man antagonist concept evolve. At the same time, this left us with a lot of questions as to how NightCry will pan out as a horror game taking place on a luxury cruise ship.

NightCry's Kickstarter is currently sitting at $28,005 of its $300,000 goal (roughly 9.3 percent), with 27 days to go. We hope this Kickstarter is successful, as Nude Maker intends to release NightCry on PC and mobile formats in Dec. 2015.

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