With only a few days left, NightCry's Kickstarter has added some hefty PlayStation 4 and Xbox One quotas to its list of unlikely stretch goals.

The crowdfunding campaign of Nude Maker's spiritual successor to the Clock Tower series, NightCry, is going to be ending in just a few days. NightCry is a collaborative horror game coming from Takashi Shimizu and Hifumi Kono. Shimizu is known for directing the Ju-On Japanese horror movie series as well as its American counterpart, The Grudge.  Kono is known for his work on the survival horror series, Clock Tower, which set many standards for the genre long before Resident Evil and Silent Hill were household names. Despite having two Japanese horror heavyweights behind its production, NightCry's Kickstarter campaign has been filling at a snail's pace. With only 5 days to go, roughly $179,000 of the campaign's $300,000 initial goal has been pledged, meaning there's still a whopping 40 percent left to fill. Nude Maker has added a stretch goal of a PlayStation 4 release if the campaign were to reach $450,000 and an Xbox One goal of $550,000, but we have a feeling it won't even reach its initial goal of $300,000.

Based on its recent progress, Nude Maker has to find some dedicating backers over the next few days just to fund NightCry's PC release, let alone its console versions. Based on a recent gameplay video (provided below), things aren't looking too impressive for this would-be survival horror piece. Here's to hoping that Nude Maker is able to at least make NightCry for PC if its Kickstarter fails to reach its initial goal.

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