The next ‘Legend of Zelda’ title will likely not be a sequel to ‘Tears of the Kingdom’.

A new continuity for the beloved gaming franchise was established in ‘Breath of the Wild’ in 2017, which was then followed by ‘Tears of the Kingdom’ earlier this year, but it seems Nintendo are keen to follow a different path in the next entry into the series.

Speaking with Game Informer, producer Eiji Aonuma and director Hidemaro Fujibayashi revealed that they were not looking to develop a sequel to the 2023 title.

They said: “Well that would be a sequel to a sequel, which is getting a little bit wild when you think about it.”

The gaming creatives explained that Nintendo “Were seeking to build on top of the world we created with Breath of the Wild and really exhaust the possibilities of what we could put into that world.”

Eiji and Hidemaro then revealed that the team’s development philosophy was what was holding them back from developing another sequel.

The director said: “We realized that fans have a great time theorizing and enjoy thinking about where things fit on the timeline”, but the team didn’t want to “get too into the weeds” with an established timeline as that would cause “restraints for our creativity”.

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