The next instalment of 'Call of Duty' will reportedly be set during the Gulf War.

The 2024 game will be helmed by Treyarch, who had been behind the 'Black Ops' subseries, as well as the critically-acclaimed 'Call of Duty: World at War', which showed the horrors of the Second World War through the eyes of American and Russian soldiers.

According to Windows Central, the new shooter will be another entry into the 'Black Ops' series, and will take place during the Gulf War, which was fought between Saddam Hussein's Iraq and a U.S.-U.K.-led coalition after the dictator invaded Kuwait in 1990.

The publication, who referred to the title as 'Black Ops 6', claim the game "will attempt to explore a nuanced narrative of the Gulf War, with a critical focus on different participants within the conflict.

"It will dovetail into the end of the Cold War era, and explore some of the consequences therein."

Fans of realistic, boots-on-the-ground combat will also be thrilled to hear that 'Black Ops 6' will focus on "traditional " military combat technology rather than the futuristic gadgets seen in the 'Modern Warfare' titles.

If all goes to plan, Windows Central expect to see the game released in the autumn or early winter of next year.

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