A new promotional poster from EB Games revealed the supposed release date and first downloadable content for DICE's Battlefield 4.

Uncovered by Battlefield fan site BF4Central, the new advertising materials are just the latest in a long string of retailer leaks concerning Battlefield 4. Previous posters have also hinted at several game modes, which this new EB Games advert also details. However, the big ticket items here are the new October 31st, 2013 release date, and the announcement of the first batch of DLC, Drone Strike.

EB also seems to confirm Commander Mode will be returning, and that Battlefield 4 will feature Battlelog 2.0 for better, more in-depth stat tracking. As has been the case with leaks like this in the past, EA and DICE will likely make a more official announcement in the coming weeks. Of course the publisher may choose to hold off until E3 in June to make any more announcements about Battlefield 4 as well.

With reports Call of Duty: Ghosts (the rumored next game in the series) will be arriving on November 5th, that doesn't give EA a lot of lead time with Battlefield 4. Until either publisher confirms the news though, we won't be too worried about which game we'll be playing this fall.