It looks like a fan-favorite mode will be returning in Battlefield 4, as new promotional materials from GameStop give us more details on what to expect from the upcoming sequel.

Eurogamer is reporting new marketing posters at GameStop give some interesting tidbits about Battlefield 4 away. First, the multiplayer will include three playable factions (China, U.S., Russia). The single-player story will remain focused on just one protagonist, but the addition of China to the multiplayer gives BF4 one more playable group than BF3.

Even more intriguing though is the return of Commander mode to the fray. Last seen in Battlefield 2142, Commander mode allows one player to view the battlefield from a top-down perspective, and direct players to the action. There's no telling right now just how the mode will differ from its last incarnation though. GameStop will also be providing the first expansion to Battlefield 4 for free to anyone who reserves the October-shipping sequel.

What do you think of the news? Are you happy to see a new faction and the return of a classic mode?