The latest installment of ‘Fortnite’ was hit with update issues.

Its ‘Chapter 5 Season 2’ refresh had been due to launch on Friday (08.03.24) following a couple of hours of planned downtime – but the update was offline for around a day.

Makers Epic Games said about the delay to the battle royale juggernaut: “Hey everyone, we encountered an unexpected issue during our maintenance and we need to extend downtime at least 8 additional hours.

“We apologise for making everyone wait longer than usual to drop into ‘Chapter 5 Season 2’ of ‘Battle Royale’.

“The team is working through this as quickly as possible, and we’ll provide another update when we have more info.”

On Saturday (09.03.24) morning, Epic confirmed the v29.00 update had launched, with its social media status account also noting the ‘Fortnite’ team is tracking reports of “stability issues” on Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. Some players say they’ve had repeated crashes with the new update, and one response recommended trying to clear the cache on PS5.

The highly-anticipated ‘Myths and Mortals’ update was teased last week, and as well as the usual tournaments and bug fixes, it is set to see the ‘Fortnite’ island transformed to feature several key locations from Greek mythology, including Mount Olympus and the Hades-controlled Underworld.

Epic said in a blog: “Pandora’s Box has been opened on the ‘Fortnite Battle Royale Island’, bringing Olympus to the battlefield.

“Olympian legends – including Hades and the thunder god Zeus – now rule the Island in otherworldly rage.

“To make matters worse, they’ve brought their powers and weapons with them.”

Players were also urged to use their “mythological means” against enemies.

Weapons such as the Thunderbolt Of Zeus, which allows players to rise into the air and hurl lightning bolts – and the Wings Of Icarus – will also be on offer.

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