We've been promised GTA Online Heists since Grand Theft Auto V first released last September. While we've been waiting for Rockstar to deliver the goods, a few leaks have made the way a little more bearable. A new leak has hit the web, giving us a little more insight into what we'll be doing when Heists do finally drop into GTAO.

VG247 reports that there will be six potential jobs for a player participating in a Heist: driver, hacker, hired gun, leader, parachutist and sniper. All six job titles were allegedly lifted from the game's source code, along with icons for each of the jobs. The code also reveals that $1.5 million is the maximum amount that can be lifted from a heist, though it seems that number may drop the more times we replay it. The leaks were spotlighted by YouTuber Typical Gamer.

All of this information is great and will be great if it turns out to be true, but the most important piece of info is still missing: the release date for the online Heist mode. We can hear all about its fancy features and awesome-sounding mechanics, but until we're playing it for ourselves we may as well be reading a novel about the heists we want to pull off. Rockstar, we think you're great, but it's about time that those Heists see the light of day. Unless of course you're saving them for the next-gen launch of GTA V this fall, in which case we'll stop talking now.