We have found out some of the first details about what GTA Online's big heists will consist of and the kinds of crazy shenanigans Rockstar will have your crews doing.

VG247 reports that YouTube user DomisLive has posted a video discussing the contents of a Grand Theft Auto Online file which contained detailed descriptions of the heists Rockstar has in the works. DomisLive accurately leaked the details of Grand Theft Auto Online's recent Not a Hipster update weeks before it went live and has successfully predicted a few other updates to the game in the past. Of course, all of this should be taken with a grain of salt, because these heists could easily be changed or negated by Rockstar Games.

DomisLive claims that there will be a Prison Van Rescue heist, where 16 criminals will intercept a police van, rescue a gang member and bring him back to the gang house, with 16 player-controlled cops in on the action as well. There is a Crazy Taxi-like hooker mission where your player will have to be in a taxi and drop off prostitutes on the other side of town with the fastest times possible. The Funeral mission will have a gang escorting a lieutenant's hearse through town and protect it from a rival group. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas' Territory system is returning, where every crew on the map will fight each other for their turf.

The Ornate Bank Heist will have four criminals hacking into a vault, overseeing patrons and hauling the score to a drop off location as 16 player-controlled cops will arrive a few minutes into your robbery. There is also an elaborate attack on the FIB Headquarters (the FBI of GTA), where you must hack sensitive information, skydive from the FIB office tower and must land on a getaway car controlled by a friend.

Whether or not these rumors turn out to be the real deal, it has gotten us very excited to keep playing GTA Online. Hopefully Rockstar will have some actual news on that front soon.