Love Diablo? Always wanted a Diablo-type game but with Van Helsing? Then your dreams have come true, my friend.

New footage, courtesy of Joystiq, was released today for The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing, a game that reminds us of another RPG game where you run around and kill monsters every three seconds. But instead of Diablo, you'll be hunting down Dracula.

The footage explains the Rage and Power-Up System. You can tailor skills in the middle of battle, and level up your skill modifiers (or Power-Ups), enabling you to take on the game's biggest and baddest enemies.

Van Helsing is set to hit the PC and XBLA later this year. Hopefully your mouse-clicking hand isn't too sore from running through Diablo III for the third time. (We're totally kidding. Nobody bothered playing Diablo III again after beating it the first time.)

Check out the footage below.