WB Montreal has revealed new details about Batman: Arkham Origins, including some content that was already cut.

In a new feature for Games Master magazine (uncovered by CVG), developer WB Montreal talked about what was so new and special about Arkham Origins. Once WB Montreal was put in charge of the sequel, Rocksteady gave the new team everything it could including concept art and engine tweaks. With those new assets in hand, WB Montreal was able to refine and improve Detective mode (which now has an upgrade tree), and include foes who too can take advantage of Gotham's verticality.

Some features have already been cut from the game, such as a heads-up display indicator for storm warnings. Arkham Origins takes place during a Christmas snow storm, and WB Montreal initially intended for sweeping gusts to roll in randomly. Unfortunately, play testing revealed Batman couldn't see where he was swinging, and goons would just wait around to be hit. An enemy quad-rotor drone was also pulled as it "broke the richness of the predator room, which is in giving the player the power to play the way they want."

As for the city itself, the newest area, New Gotham, is an upscale area with tall skyscrapers and catwalks. Northern Gotham, which we all know as the land that became Arkham City, is more industrial, and features some low-rent residential homes.

Additionally, AllGamesBeta uncovered some screenshots from the upcoming sequel, which show off the new (old?) Batsuit, enemies, and locations present in Arkham Origins. You can check those out below, and let us know how you think Batman: Arkham Origins is shaping up in the comments.