The next 'Battlefield' title is set to include a battle royale mode.

The franchise is still recovering from the disappointing response to the 2021 title 'Battlefield 2042' and insiders say that big changes are being made ahead of the next installment's release.

Sources have told Insider Gaming that the developer Ripple Effect is working on a "new experience" for the series that will seek to replicate the success of the free-for-all shooter 'Call of Duty: Warzone'.

The insiders claimed that the game is being masterminded by Byron Beede, who had previously led work on live service for the 'Call of Duty' franchise, and will include a classic battle royale mode, as well as a "Gauntlet" mode, which will see teams of players compete in objective-based gameplay with the lowest scoring squad being removed after each mission.

Sources also told Insider Gaming that DICE, the developer behind the series, wants to go "back to its roots" with the new game, meaning the likes of 64-player matches and the four class system will return.

October 2025 has been pinpointed as a potential release date for the new game, which tallies up with publisher Electronic Arts' Chief Financial Officer Stuart Canfield's comments at the company's recent earnings call that it was looking for "iconic new releases" next year.

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