A new 'Battlefield' game may not launch until 2025.

EA - the company that produces the first-person-shooters - recently held its Q3 2024 earnings report conference call, and revealed that the gaming giant was planning for "iconic new releases" of their intellectual properties - which include 'Battlefield', 'Star Wars' and 'Mass Effect' - in 2025 and beyond.

During the call, EA CEO Andrew Wilson said: "We’re making investments in the future of the 'Battlefield' franchise.

"Our exceptional teams from multiple world-class studios working with cutting-edge frostbite technology are building an expansive, community-focused 'Battlefield' universe for fans.”

The gaming boss also emphasised that the company was committed to 'Battlefield 2042', and mapped out what fans could expect from the title this year.

He said: "Our team is working hard to deliver for the community with increasingly engaging live services like the recent announcement of 'Battlefield 2042' season 7, with new maps, weekly missions and much more.”

Although a new 'Battlefield' title may be releasing in a couple of years, fans of EA's other franchises will have to wait a lot longer.

For example, a teaser for an upcoming 'Mass Effect' game was first revealed in November 2023, and it has been given a launch window through to 2029.

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