Look sharp, people! There's a Xenomorph on the loose in these newest screenshots of Alien: IsolationColonial Marines might have left acidic holes all over the place, but this is one space thriller that we sure hope delivers. It's quality vs. quantity when it comes to the horrors of space, and based on these new pictures of Alien: Isolation, we're returning back to the place where no one can hear you scream.

Thanks to the official Alien: Isolation website, we can finally see more of the atmospheric sense of horror that the original 'Alien' film has become synonymous with. We're rather unsure how well Creative Assembly can recuperate the Alien franchise's video game image given with the vastly negative response to Aliens: Colonial Marines. Given how Creative seems to be focusing on what made the original movie so vicious and spectacular, we hope the finished product matches how good these screenshots look. Isolation is taking queues from both the original film and from various first-person horror titles, such as Slender: The Eight Pages, in order to create a genuinely scary experience. These screenshots are letting us know that things are well on their way.

The pictures paint a bloody picture as to what to expect from Isolation. We know the silent, dead environment will play a pivotal role in trying to creep out the player, just as the original film did. You're going to be trying to blow the alien out of airlocks, using tools and ship hardware to make weapons and you will even have a make-shift motion tracker to help you hunt the alien down.  We have been misled by promotional material for this franchise before, so here's to hoping that Alien: Isolation lives up to Ridley Scott's timeless classic.