If Master Chief wore this helmet into war against the Covenant and while tearing across the Halo series in Ghosts and Warthogs, you should be able to wear it while riding your motorcycle.

NECA has unveiled its prototype of the Master Chief Motorcycle Helmet. While this is merely a work-in-progress, it is looking to be quite the amazing accessory for you on your Yamaha or Harley. We also suggest a Windows Phone with the Cortana app for those who intend to wear this beautiful helmet as they ride.

While we're unsure just how defensive a toy company can get when it comes to making motorcycle helmets, we're sure NECA has gone through proper safety measures for the sake of crafting this impressive piece of equipment [Ed.'s note - the helmet is approved by the Department of Transportation]. Just make sure you don't carry that toy Plasma Pistol on you as you ride.

NECA's beautiful Master Chief Motorcycle Helmet is expected to arrive sometime in 2015.