Naughty Dog discussed the evolution of the fungal infection that has ravaged the world of The Last of Us, showing that once again, nature will find a way.

In a little over a month, PlayStation 3 owners will have the opportunity to be transported to a desolate future, where the world has been overcome by a strange fungus. There are some pockets of humanity out there still surviving, but a great deal of the population has fallen to the virus, and they now roam the lands, overwhelming the land with disease.

In the latest video for The Last of Us, Naughty Dog talks us through the creation of the infected. Based on the cordyceps fungi that has been known to affect insect and plant life, the version in the game has mutated, and can now be transmitted to humans. The parasitic nature of the fungus causes all sorts of evolutions in the human hosts, and Joel and Ellie will have to face a variety of different infected along their journey.

In addition, the devs show off a world where the last vestiges of humanity are holed up in a tiny portion of the former U.S. Nature has reclaimed much of the country, and it is truly a sight to behold. You can find out more yourself by watching the trailer below, and letting us know how you'd survive in this apocalyptic jungle.