Avid farmers will be heading to the Lost Valley this fall, as Natsume has announced Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley for Nintendo 3DS. The game will make its public debut next week at E3 2014.

Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley will be the first game in franchise history to take advantage of the 3DS's 3D capabilities, literally adding a whole new dimension to the farm simulation RPG. The game also boasts a world that can be fully customized, allowing players to tailor their own farms as they see fit. As the press release states, "from a field full of tulips like you might see in Holland, to a valley filled with water like Venice, the choice is up to you. You've never played a Harvest Moon game quite like this!"

“Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley is truly evolving the franchise. Hardcore fans will love it, players who haven't played a Harvest Moon game in a while will want to try it out, and new players will be introduced to the unique and charming world that is Harvest Moon,” says Natsume president and CEO Hiro Maekawa. “But the incredibly exciting thing that really elevates the game is that while it does get back to what everyone loves about the early games, it also innovates in a way that no Harvest Moon game ever has.”

Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley will be launching for the 3DS this fall. Additional details can be found at natsume.com, or on Natsume's Facebook page and Twitter account. Of course, this shouldn't be confused with the other farm simulation game, Story of Seasons, which will also be coming soon, and happens to be developed by some people who worked on previous Harvest Moon games.