This character is an energetic young kunoichi who was taught by the gravity-defying Taki. Let's take a look at the sorta-lazy-but-talented ninja from Soul Calibur 5, Natsu!

Not much is known about Natsu since she doesn't appear very prominently in the game's story, but we do know that she's possessed by an evil spirit, has blonde hair that's unique among most of the characters in the series from Asia, is a bit cocky and spirited, but has a very kind heart and is often cheerful. Since she was taught by Taki, she uses a lot of her master's moves and can dart around the battlefield and hit you several times before you hit the floor.

Here's one of our favorite cosplayers, ivettepuig, as the young ninja. She paid great attention to the details in Natsu's outfit and even worked on recreating the look of her multiple ponytails. If you've kept up with this feature, then you'll know how much we appreciate accuracy when it comes to cosplay, and ivettepuig seems to have nailed every detail. Her cosplaying skills are so nice, that we featured her twice!

Come check out the rest of her amazing outfits and jawdroppingly accurate portrayals of great characters across all mediums on her deviantART! Let us know what you think of this talented model!

Jesús Clares
El Niño Mutante Jesús Clares
Jesús Clares