Soul Calibur 5

Cosplay Clash! Natsu vs. Ayane!
Well, it was a very close one, but Natsu has won the battle against Naruto's Sakura, managing to win by only one vote. Let's see how close the votes will be when she goes up against fighting game veteran Ayane, from Dead or Alive.
Cosplay Clash! Sakura vs. Natsu
Sakura Haruno, of Naruto fame, used her awesome ninja powers to get your votes and won against Street Fighter's Sakura Kasugano. She's off to a good start, but how will she fare against a fellow female ninja like Soul Calibur 5's Natsu?
Cosplay Clash! Morrigan vs. Ivy
The Morrigan Train of Wins keeps on steaming along, bringing the famous succubus ever closer to being the first Arcade Sushi Cosplay Hall of Famer. She's trounced every opponent so far, but can she best Soul Calibur's Ivy?
Calibur Cosplay
This character is an energetic young kunoichi who was taught by the gravity-defying Taki. Let's take a look at the sorta-lazy-but-talented ninja from Soul Calibur 5, Natsu!