Behold your favorite Naruto characters in their adorable chibi forms! The super-deformed (or SD), ninjas will be making their way to the 3DS soon, but let's enjoy these new screenshots from Naruto Powerful Shippuden!

The side-scrolling adventure game from Namco Bandai is based on the Rock Lee & His Ninja Pals spin-off, which features all of the Naruto characters, although noticeably dinkier and cuter. The action is also decidedly goofier, which adds to the fun, since the series has a tendency to get very dark and brooding.

Below are some screenshots of what you'll see on your 3DS once the game is released on March 5th, 2013. And judging by the pictures, there will be boss fights a-plenty, as well as the ability to chuck your opponents toward the foreground.

Check out the trailer as well, then let us know if you'll be grabbing these powerful, pint-sized pals when the game is released next month