The Xiao Xiao-inspired, ninja puzzler is back with a next-gen makeover.

Metanet has officially announced on the PlayStation Blog that it is moving its newest incarnation of the N: The Way of the Ninja series, N++, into the alpha phase of development. So far, the N series consists of N, a flash game, and N+, a more advanced version of N which was released for the PlayStation Portable and Nintendo DS.

N++ continues the series tradition of playing a stick figure ninja who explores a 2D, fast-paced and side-scrolling world filled with tons of traps, enemies and gold for you to collect. N++ utilizes the momentum and acrobatics-based mechanics of N+ but evolves it for the next-gen format. Despite playing as a stick figure and very polygonal layouts, be prepared for many curvatures, slopes and angled surfaces brand new to the franchise that will make you critically change how you look at N++'s puzzle and platforming mechanics.

Unfortunately, Metanet did not announce any sort of information pertaining to a release date except that a working demo is in the works. We will continue to provide more details on this newest entry of The Way of the Ninja series once more information becomes available.