We know you've all be waiting for more Grand Theft Auto 5 news, but to tide you over, we've got some new character art featuring some new faces.

Courtesy of Official PlayStation Magazine, the new images do show Michael and Trevor up to no good, but they also tease some other side characters we've not really been formally introduced to yet. Michael's kids, Jimmy and Tracey, take some busy time away from arguing to say, "Hello." The shady Lamar shows his threshold for squeezing his arm into tight places. Of course, who could forget Nervous Ron, the man so paranoid, he can't stop listening to the sounds of his portable police scanner.

After the new trailers for GTA5 were released earlier in the week, our excitement for the sequel was reignited. We still have quite a while to wait until GTA5 arrives, but these frequent reminders from Rockstar about what awaits us will just have to hold us over until September. You can see the latest images below, and let us know which character from GTA's long history you recall most fondly.