Most people dream about being a monster warlord when they grow up, right? It’s only natural, and the game Monster Warlord will make those dreams come true … I guess. Monster Warlord can best be compared to a Facebook game, where it’s not a game in the sense that it has a story you work your way through, or that there’s a sense of risk or reward. It’s a game where you hit buttons and level up your stats, capturing and/or buying monsters along the way.

Monster Warlord features several different game play options. You can engage in battle with another player over their online server, you can form alliances with others and battle as a team, you can complete quests by yourself, you can build your own little farm that will make you money, and you can engage in boss battles. Everything will give you experience points and money, leveling up your character throughout the game, so you can continue to buy more buildings for your farm, better equipment, monsters, etc.

The game is really easy to play with basically no controls -- you just tap the button to do whatever you want to do. If you want to battle, you tap on “Battle” then choose “Attack.” The annoying thing about the game is that you have no control over the actual battles. There’s no strategizing or outsmarting your opponent. Once you tap “Attack” the computer takes over, it shows you two cute little monsters hitting each other and then you get a notice saying you won or lost. It’s all feels very random and is based on each players’ statistics. When I play something, I want to think for myself by trying to figure out the best way to attack, or which spell will do what. It’s much more gratifying winning a battle when YOU are the one actually fighting, and there’s more of a chance you can beat someone through skill rather than raw numbers. The way Monster Warlord plays, if you don’t have better stats then forget about it. You lose, cupcake!

There is an option to scout opponents and it will tell you the predicted percentage rate of a victory; however, it costs money every time you do it and still doesn’t guarantee a win. I scouted one enemy and it told me I had an 89% chance of winning the battle so I attacked … and I lost. Booo you, statistics! And, other players can attack you at any point (even if you aren’t playing the game at that moment), and since it’s all the computer’s doing, you just get a message telling you, “Donkeyballs14 attacked and you lost.” Good to know that’s why my money and health disappeared. Of course, the longer you play, the better your stats are and the more you win.

But will Monster Warlord make you want to keep coming back? Possibly. This is not the kind of game I dig, and yet I still found myself checking in to run a few quests, see if someone attacked me, and to see how much money I earned while I wasn’t playing. If you love playing these types of games, then you could very likely become addicted. The game isn’t designed for you to sit and play for hours at a time. Health, stamina, and energy are required to play and once you use them up, you have to wait so much time before it regenerates. I typically used up my energy in 3 minutes then I’d have to stop and come back later. That’s how it gets you, plus it will reward you with bonuses if you come back every day.

Monster Warlord is a free download with only one ad that pops up (super nice). It has nice graphics with cute monsters, and is super easy to play. On the other hand, there’s no plot to work through and the battles and monster catching matches are random with you not being able to do a darn thing to enhance the outcomes. So what’s the point of playing? That’s my problem with the game. It feels pointless. You run quests just to see your meters fill up? Lame. I prefer games with more of an objective and more control over my battles.


App Store Link: Monster Warlord for iPhone & iPad | By Gamevil | Price: Free | Version: 1.0.0 | 30.2 MB | Rating 9+

4.0 out of 10 arcade sushi rating