The hunt is grander than ever: Capcom's Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate on the Nintendo 3DS has already hit the one million units sold mark.

Monster Hunter 4 has been available in Japan for a good while now, but Capcom just recently brought the game over to the West (as Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate) and it has already shipped one million units since it launch this past February, making it the fastest selling Monster Hunter title in the West. While here we should insert the ever present one million shipped doesn't mean one million sold argument, it's still pretty impressive that in two months the game has already found such a fan base. Monster Hunter 4 hasn't just won over the hearts of fans for no reason, though. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate for Nintendo 3DS has the best Metascore out of all of the Monster Hunter titles and that's something to be proud of, even when people are telling you the numbers don't count because shipped vs. sold.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate has you playing, unsurprisingly, as a fresh Hunter that will go through quests and challenges in order to stalk and kill the most dangerous game in the land. There are many different things that can be gained from these quests such as items, in-game money and other rewards used to craft new weapons, armor, potions, buffs, traps and more.

In celebration of this milestone, Capcom is releasing a free MH4U Nintendo 3DS theme for all to download in May.

We're pretty sure that there's a Monster Hunter 5 on the way (because... money), let's just hope the next one adds some dynamic changes to the series, like a current-gen console release.

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